The combination of boots with suitable outfit – you will be a fashion girl

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No matter how expensive boots and clothes you wear, if you do not combine them properly, or if they do not match the structure of your body, you would be the laughingstock of others. Strive to maintain your own style of dressing, do not imitate anyone and especially the singers who look good only on the TV screen, but indeed they have their own style of footwear and clothing, and when they are not on the screen are dressed and shod with practical shoes and comfortable clothes.

If you are wearing your new brindle coat and black tailored pants, it is not necessary to put on and your new tiger boots because you would overdo with the pattern. Nobody is forcing you anymore, and nowhere in the magazines is not being highlighted the shoes and clothes to be the same colors. Or the women’s boots and bag to be of one shade – this is also denied by fashion TV channels. Just keep your vision depending on your own personal taste.

If you are wearing your short skirt and a blouse with a more opened neck in white color, then you must put on and a light beige pantyhose, and never in a darker color. But to emphasize the beauty of your legs, you need to put on and your long boots above the knee, which will talk about your elegance and your taste for the modern and extravagant. This combination is suitable for all ladies, but the only condition is that the boots have a high heel.

If you are about to go shopping to a nearby neighborhood grocery store, and you’re at home in a sports outfit, never wear your long and warm ladies winter shoes with currents called boots because you will look ugly in the eyes of others. This error make only some of the women who do not care about their look and walk around dressed and shod this way. You do not want to be like them, do you?

If your boots are in a more sporty style, never combine them with an elegant skirt, here we must say that there is a small exception, but your skirt must be denim or jeans.

Assuming that you emphasize on the fashion and less on the comfort, never make this mistake and bet mostly on the practical!


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