Lose weight with high-heeled shoes

ankle straps fashionable high heels slender weight

Or at least look more slender

Every woman wants to have lots of shoes


Many women know that high-heeled shoes lengthen the silhouette and give the impression that you are a bit slimmer than you are in general. The British retail chain Debenhams have decided to use this optic trick, to develop it and to offer their clients some really interesting shoes.

The technologists of the chain of stores have created a formula for the ideal slimming effect by combining a few tricks that create the impression of longer legs and slender hips.

The fashionable at the moment high-heeled shoes with nude color are the secret to the slender figure. But the color of the shoes has to match the color of the skin, as this gives the impression of longer legs.

Platforms should be concealed and at least an inch deep for maximum lengthening of the legs. The height of the shoes is also essential, as the advice for the ladies is to choose shoes with at least a 7 centimeter heel.

As for the width of the current, the thinnest current creates the best impression for slimness. But the shoes with ankle straps should be avoided at all costs as they make the legs look shorter and wider.

Therefore, the formula is color + platform + high heel + width of the current – ankle strap = slimming.

However, if you want to really lose weight, not just to look slim, it means you need a proper diet and exercise for legs.

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